2018 Engagement Ring Trends According To A Top Aussie Jewellery Designer

by Rosie McKay

Cassandra Mamone, reveals the top 2018 engagement ring trends and shares her advice for buying and designing the perfect engagement ring...
See Need Want Engagement Ring Trends Cassandra Mamone

You're finally engaged or have an inkling that this could finally be the year you get a sparkler on your ring finger! In light of the recent royal engagement ( how adorable are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!?) we sat down with talented Adelaide-based jewellery designer, Cassandra Mamone, to chat all things engagement ring trends - including how the royal engagement and Meghan's engagement ring in particular will impact current engagement ring trends, diamonds, what colour gold is making a resurgence PLUS Cassandra's top tips for newly engaged couples looking to either buy or design an engagement ring.

Talk us through the latest engagement and wedding ring trends?

For 2018, we're looking at new and unique engagement ring trends.
Here are our top 3 trends:

  • Engagement Eternity Bands: We're going to see brides choosing non-traditional engagement rings with coloured eternity bands.  
  • The Oval Diamond: The oval-cut diamond is perfect for those that are looking for extra sparkle and brilliance.  
  • Three Stone Ring: Brides will opt for an extra bling to their ring alá Meghan Markle. 
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What shape diamond do you think will be popular for 2018?

Oval and pear shape diamond will be popular for 2018. Our clients have repeatedly ordered these diamond cuts, they are also the most popular worldwide according to the engagement we receive via social media.

See Need Want Engagement Ring Trends Cassandra Mamone Oval Diamond
What did you think of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring – how do you think this will affect engagement ring trends?

We love it! We can't get over the sweet story that inspired the engagement ring. Bravo to the prince for designing it on his own (a lot of our male client's also come in alone to design the engagement ring with us) The three-stone ring will definitely be one of the trends that will take over 2018. Yellow gold is also making a big comeback in 2018!

Credit: Image courtesy of Instagram user @theroyalfamily
Her ring incorporates stones from Princess Diana’s collection – is incorporating sentimental stones a common practice with your clients?

Yes it is. Our clients will sometimes bring their own diamond or heirloom jewellery and based on the design, we will incorporate it into their ring. 

What’s your favourite engagement / wedding band set and why?

Vino paired with our SWAY ring. The Vino ring is just so popular and has been customised for different clients in different ways but with the same core design elements. The oval diamond is loved by so many and the band we designed is so unique that time and again client's always compliment it's uniqueness.

See Need Want Engagment Ring Trends Cassandra Mamone See Need Want Engagment Ring Trends Cassandra Mamone Wedding Band
Credit: Cassandra Mamone 'Vino' ring, Cassandra Mamone 'Sway' ring
What are your predictions for metal popularity for 2018? Will Rose Gold still be popular?

18ct white gold is still popular. The rose gold trend is not going away anytime soon. Year by year we see a demand for the blush coloured metal. 

Tell us about the inspiration for your latest collection?

We recently shot our latest collection, Emerald Coast on the Greek Island of Kefalonia. The collection draws inspiration from one of the most beautiful coast lines in the world, Emerald Coast in Northern Sardinia and reflected in the precious and semi-precious stones in this collection. 

Travelling has always inspired my designs. The Mediterranean seaside town inspired blue, pink and yellow sapphires incorporated into our Eternity Rings. 

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

My favourite piece from the collection has to be the 'Marvel Marquise' ring, 'Amaze Me' Asscher ring as well as the 'Forever Eternity' ring. JUST LOVE.

See Need Want Engagment Ring Trends Marquise
Credit: Marvel 'Marquise' ring
See Need Want Engagement Ring Trends Cassandra Mamone Asscher Diamond Ring
Credit: 'Amaze Me' Asscher ring
See Need Want Engagement Ring Trends Cassandra Mamone Asscher Diamond Ring 2
Credit: Amaze Me Asscher ring
What are your top tips for couples looking to either buy or design an engagement ring?

Tip 1: My top tip would be to seek out an expert or jewellery designer as they are there to help and guide you and give you knowledge at this romantic and exciting time.   

Tip 2: It's good to have knowledge on the fours C's: Clarity, Carat, Cut and Colour. - a designer should be able to provide this expertise for you also.

What is the common misconception when it comes to buying diamonds?

The most common misconception is thinking that if a diamond has the same clarity and colour as another then they must be the same- wrong! Diamond's are natural- produced by the earth and not one diamond is the same as another. 

What are some of the other jewellery trends you predict for 2018?

Bigger eternity rings.  Coloured diamonds - champagne diamonds are still growing in popularity.

What’s next for you?

So much. Another amazing collection. and our first pop up studio exhibit interstate this year, clients will also be able to book one on one time- so we are super excited.


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