Monika Radulovic Rocks The 90s Trend

by Rosie McKay

EXCLUSIVE: Miss Universe Australia, Monika Radulovic, models 90s-inspired looks and chats style, life and love

When we meet Monika Radulovic for this exclusive fashion shoot she is beaming and radiant - and that's before hair and makeup! Having first worked with Monika just before she was crowned Miss Universe Australia, we chat like old friends discussing the day's looks, which include a mix of emerging brands and designer labels. 

Keen to trade her denim cut-offs and knit for the 90s-inspired looks I've styled for her, Monika quickly settles into the hair and makeup chair. Herbal tea in hand she chats away with the crew as hair and makeup artist Nicole Abela fulfils the day's beauty brief: sleek hair and natural and luminous skin

Once dressed in her first look, Monika steps in front of the lens and hits model mode. As always she brings her A-game, modelling these minimal looks with sass, a smattering of diamonds and her trademark smile. Here the down-to-earth beauty and bride-to-be (she got engaged to Alesandro Ljubicic in 2014, but more on that below) dishes all on her health, beauty and style secrets, plus details on her wedding plans.

Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Lace 11
On Life & Love

Your engaged to your long-term boyfriend, Alesandro, tell us about your wedding plans We have tentatively locked in a year (2018) but that’s about it! We are loving being engaged.

You recently shot a campaign together for Gregory Jewellers. How was it working together? It was wonderful shooting together, and it was really nice for me to be able show him what I do for a living. He now understands modelling isn't as easy as it looks! 

How do you handle a bigger public profile? I am honestly just myself and behave in exactly the same way that I always have! Being in the public eye a bit more hasn’t really affected my life, apart from having more pictures and selfies taken with the public - which I don’t mind!

What items do you treasure most? Are my cats considered items?? Because I treasure them so much!! My engagement ring is also incredibly special to me (my fiance Alesandro picked it out and helped design it). It is a brilliant cut diamond with 285 small diamonds going all the way around the band; it is just beautiful!

How do you unwind? With my fiancé Alesandro on the couch with a great movie, some Cobs popcorn (lightly salted, lightly sweet) and our two fur babies Paris and Charlie!

Fave travel destination? Paris (we got engaged there so it holds a very special place in my heart) and Croatia.

Watch the couple's first campaign together here

Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Lace 9 Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Lace 8
Credit: Sandro Paris 'Claude' shirt, S.E By Sant Elia 'Bird In Flight' pant, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, $120, Hearts On Fire diamond earrings and ring
On Style...

How would you describe your personal style? Effortless, classic, on trend with a touch of my own spice added in.

What's your perfect go-to outfit? Cropped tee, high waisted jeans, leather jacket draped over the shoulders and heeled boots. Comfortable but cool.

Are you a bag or shoe girl? How can one choose between such things?! They are both my weaknesses; good quality shoes and bags are investments that can be passed down (at least that’s how I justify it!).

Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Black Dress 7 Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Black Dress 6 Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Black Dress 5
Credit: Stanzee 'Paris' dress, Hearts On Fire diamond rings
On Beauty, Health & Fitness...

What beauty products can't you live without?
Coconut oil! I use it as a moisturiser and makeup remover; my skin has never looked so good since using it. Eyelash curler and Carmex lip balm.

What are your fitness secrets?
I love experimenting with new and innovative ways of training; the gym bores me! I am a big fan of Hypoxi; it’s a machine that results in targeted fat loss! I have been training at a Hypoxi studio for about a year and it has taken cms off my waist, hips, thighs and bum that I couldn’t shift with regular exercise before. I also train 3-4 times a week doing EMS training at BodyTech studio in Brighton Le Sands. It’s an amazing way of working out using an EMS machine that sends electrical impulses that constrict your muscles while working out. A 20-minute session using this machine does for the body what hours in gym can achieve! BodyTech has really helped to tone and shape my body; I’m addicted!

How do you stay healthy? I have found that cutting out sugar and processed carbs works wonders! I have so more energy, I feel less bloated, and generally feel so much happier and healthier. Otherwise I keep my diet really simple and wholesome. I try and eat lots of fresh vegetables, protein and seafood. I also put a big focus on healthy fats - it’s a huge myth that eating fat makes you fat - in fact it’s quite the opposite. Fat revs your metabolism, increases fat burning, regulates your hormones and makes your skin glow! I eat at least an avocado or two every day, and I LOVE cooking with coconut oil; I even put it in my coffee!

Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Sportluxe 18
Credit: Stussy @ Glue Store, Racer Back Sports Crop Top, Karen Gee 'Feathers' skirt, Anita K 'Material Girl' stick earrings from The Dark Horse Jewellery, Hearts On Fire diamond rings, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers
On Happiness & Success...

You are a genuinely happy person, what is your outlook on life? I believe we all have a choice every single day to focus on the positives in our lives or the negatives. That difference in outlook can make all the difference in how happy you feel. I personally find life so much better and more fulfilling when I consciously make the effort to pay attention to everything I am grateful for. Life is way too short to be unhappy!

What drives you to succeed? The values of hard work and determination that my parents instilled in me. They went through an extremely hard time; they fled their country due to war and came to Australia with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Despite all the challenges that they were faced with, they were so brave, resilient and positive throughout it all - they were just overwhelmingly grateful to have been given a second chance at life here in Australia. Mum and dad are my heroes and they are my motivation to always push myself that little bit harder.

How do you stay motivated to hit your life and career goals? I believe its really important to motivate myself intrinsically. I don’t compare myself to anyone else, but instead I look at who I was last year, last week and yesterday and ask myself what can I do to improve myself today and tomorrow.

Best advice you've ever been given?
My favourite quote is by the incredible Maya Angelou, and is one which I strive to live by every day; "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." This really resonates with me, and I believe it is advice we should all take on board.

Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Sequins Escada 14
Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Sequins Escada 19 Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Sequins Escada 20
Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends Sequins Escada 12
Credit: ESCADA 'Sequin Cocktail' Dress, Hearts On Fire diamond tennis bracelet
Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends All White 1 Monika Radulovic Minimal Fashion Trends 2
Credit: Acler 'Canning' pant, Acler 'Stratton' top, Wittner 'Dixxon' heels, Giles & Brother Thorn Charm Hoop earrings from The Dark Horse Jewellery, Hearts On Fire diamond rings
On Her Achievements & The Future

What did you hope to achieve during your reign as Miss Universe Australia? My goal while being Miss Universe Australia was always to be the best ambassador for Australia that I could be; a source of inspiration for our younger generation and a source of pride for our country as a whole. I think it is so important to be a positive role model for our children and adolescents, and be someone they can look up to while also being relatable. One of my favourite parts of my reign has been speaking at high schools, giving the kids advice I think would have benefited me at their age.

You were an Ambassador for the Western Sydney "Go West" campaign. Why was this an important role for you? Being an ambassador for the "Go West" campaign was incredibly important for me because I spent 4 years studying at Western Sydney University and I am so proud of attending that university. I think Western Sydney is sometimes overlooked and underestimated, and it couldn’t be further from the truth! It is an absolutely booming region which is expanding rapidly, and I wanted to help raise awareness of just how wonderful Western Sydney is!

What are some of your greatest achievements to date?
Education has always been very important to me, so graduating university with Honours in Psychology was an incredible achievement for me. Buying my first property at age 23 was also a big goal of mine that I was very proud to reach, and of course being crowned Miss Universe Australia and competing in the International pageant were also some of the most significant achievements in my life so far.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I have big goals to reach in the next 5 years, which I'll aim to achieve with lots more hard work and dedication. Watch this space!


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