Want To Change Your Hair Colour? Read This First

by Rosie McKay

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Just like you update your wardrobe at the turn of a new season, it's also a fitting time to change your hair colour. Keune Creative Artistic Ambassador ANZIS and owner or Tao of Hair, Daniel Yap, talks us through the top colour trends for Autumn / Winter 2017, what to be prepared for if you are thinking of a drastic hair colour change, and confirms whether pastel-coloured locks are in or out!

What are the top hair colour trends for Autumn // Winter 2017? Why are they in trend?

As it's Autumn / Winter, I believe the trending hair colour will be more subtle and less vibrant then summer. The pink, the purple, green and blue will still be seen though toned down, acting more as a tint. 

For example, ashy blue or lilac grey. I also think the cool silvery tones will still be one of the most popular shades in Autumn/ Winter. Keune’s complete professional colour services allow total freedom to mix and match with confident colour results and a beautiful silky finish.

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What are the best shades to suit different skin tones?

I always believe warm colours are the best shade for all skin tones. Blonde hair can make some skin tones look too dark and dark hair can also easily make some skin look too pale. The warmth in copper or reds compliment most of skin tones and makes the person look more soft and gentle

What are some considerations to factor in if you wanting to make a drastic hair colour change?

If you naturally have dark hair  and target is to reach blonde, you will have to understand it's not magic. It will be a long journey before you reach your desired blonde shade and your hair will not be in the same condition anymore. Possibly a lot more hair care and treatments will have to be added in your routine to ensure your hair stay looking healthy. If you are blonde and want to go darker, you will need to know that it will be EXTREMELY difficult to go back blonde without damaging your hair, so think twice or even thrice before you decide to do so.

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Is pastel-coloured locks in or out?

As long as there are rainbows and unicorns in the world Pastel colours will always be in.

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What are some easy ways to maintain a colour's longevity at home?

A great colour care regimen and UV protection is perfect to lock in colour and to  keep it’s longevity. Keune offers a range of colour care regimens, suitable for all lifestyles. Not only does the sun cause damage to the hair it also makes colour fade. A regimen with heat protection or UV barrier for hair will certainly help the longevity of the hair colour. My recommendation will be Keune So Pure Color Care range with Jasmine & Sandalwood essential oils.

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