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Rachael Finch On The Secret To Getting The Body You Want

by Rosie McKay

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Super-fit Rachael Finch shares her health and body secrets and explains why a holistic approach is key to getting the body of your dreams...

Anybody who's ever met Rachael Finch, me included, can attest that she truly radiates from the inside out. Her lithe body and flawless, glowing skin are not just luck or due to good genes, it's the result of consistency in both her exercise regime and diet. Not only is Rachael as genuine as they come, she is also genuinely passionate about health and fitness - a passion which inevitably led her to devise her new fitness program, B.O.D By Rachael Finch.

Created with her professional dancer / athlete husband, Michael Miziner, with whom she shares two beautiful children Violet and Domenic, Rachel says she created the program because "I love knowing what makes me feel amazing. B.O.D takes a holistic approach to transforming your life. This means we not only focus on the physical, but we also nurture your mind and soul. I believe this is one of the secrets for daily positivity and success." 

So how exactly does Rachael, who's also just released her new activewear line B.O.D, juggle motherhood, work, a new business and find time to practice mindfulness everyday? We get the lowdown from the gorgeous mama and self-confessed foodie in this exclusive chat where she explains what you can expect from her fitness program, details a day on her plate, her fave recipes and cheat treats PLUS the secret to her glowing complexion and how she likes to wind down after a busy day. I think it's safe to say we might need to take a leaf out of her book!

How do you juggle work with being a wife and a mum?

Lots of planning, prep and chatting to Misha! I love writing lists and ensuring we’re allowing enough time for everything. Balance is truly the key, and we do the best we can to ensure we’re getting a healthy mix of home, family, work and recreation time. 

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Credit: Image courtesy of Instagram user @rachael_finch
Tell us a bit about how you came up with B.O.D By Rachael Finch?

I love knowing what makes me feeling amazing. I want to wake up each day with vitality and I want my energy to last throughout the entire day, especially with two kiddies in our world now! I wanted to put everything I know and love when it comes to living healthy in the one program for others. I have been working on my body my entire life through competitive sport, work as a model and in the media, and now as a mother. I wanted to make getting fit, happy and healthy fun. B.O.D incorporates strength work, dance-inspired cardio, stretch sessions and meditation to ensure both our bodies and minds are cared for.   

What made you want to launch a fitness program? How much input did Michael have?

I feel so blessed to be able to work with my husband every day on our program. We share ideas and thoughts on every aspect of the program and I am very lucky to have such a professional athlete as a husband also!

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Credit: Image courtesy of Instagram User @rachael_finch shot for Women's Health Magazine
Why did you decide to go with a program that incorporates dance in its cardio sessions?

Dance is fun and doesn't feel like you’re working out! It’s a great form of cardio which gets your heart pumping, burns fat and improves so much more for the mind. Since incorporating dance into my fitness regime I have noticed better focus, co-ordination, spatial awareness and improved memory! I can’t imagine going a week without some form of dance. 

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Credit: Image courtesy of Instagram User @rachael_finch
What are some of the results someone can expect from doing BOD By Rachael Finch?

There are body results, including weight loss, toning and strength. But the results I am most proud of are the improvements in overall wellbeing and self confidence. Our girls are making life long changes, not just getting a quick fix. B.O.D takes a holistic approach to transforming your life. This means we not only focus on the physical, but we also nurture your mind and soul. I believe this is one of the secrets for daily positivity and success.

You also have recipes as part of it, what are some of your favourites?

I’ve always been a foodie, but since having two children, I’ve become even more passionate about food – I want to ensure my kids are nourished, so they can grow up strong and healthy. 

I have a lot of faves, but a few standouts are my Quinoa Porridge with Stewed Quinces & Honey Pecans, Sweet Potato Noodle Salad with Roasted Chickpeas & Feta and my Smoky Tofu Fajitas. 

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See Need Want Health Fitness Rachael Finch Sweet Potato Noodle Salad Roasted Chickpeas Feta
How important does diet play in getting results from the program? 

It’s crucial. Each meal is nutritionally balanced and portioned controlled to ensure you have enough energy to get through the day and workouts. The B.O.D. meal planner has all your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to keep you feeling full and satisfied. And because my team has done the calorie counting for you, my clients don’t need to worry about number crunching.  

Mindfulness and sleep are the other key components of the program – can you explain why is this so important to for health?

I am so passionate about mindfulness and calming that inner critic we all have. Meditation and focused breathing is something many of us don’t dedicate enough time to. When I spend time each day nurturing my mind like I do my body through exercise and nutrition, I notice amazing things! Life becomes clearer and easier. It gives you the power to be strong, patient, let things go and help reduce stress and anxiety.  

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What sort of diet do you follow?

My diet is the ‘listen to your body diet’. I try to wake every day with no expectations or assumptions, only to listen to how I feel and act accordingly. Of course there are formulas and routines that I love and work with me which is why I choose to do them frequently. My food is very balanced like the B.O.D food planner. I include a mix of protein, fats, slow releasing carbohydrates and plenty of fresh veggies. I eat a lot of greenery as it’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants. I don’t eat overly processed items like white bread and pasta or drink soft drink. 

See Need Want Health Fitness Rachael Finch Smoky Tofu Fajitas
What does a typical day on your plate look like?

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! Always has been. It kick-starts my day and fills me with energy. Breaky is normally a smoothie (I’m loving my Green Machine Smoothie) and a Bulletproof Coffee. Lunch is a salad of some kind. I try to mix up the ingredients every day to get a variety of nutrients. Dinners will often be something slow cooked (LOVE my slow cooker). It means I can prep dinner in the morning and by the end of the day, my family has something nutritious and filling to eat, and there’s less work for me! 

Do you ever have cheat meals / treats? If so what?

Of course! Life wouldn't be complete without a few treats from time to time. If I feel like something sweet, I’ll make a batch of my Salty & Sweet Macadamia Nut Bars or Vegan Banana Chocolate Bread. Yum! I’ve always got dark chocolate in the fridge too. A slice and a cuppa definitely satisfies my cravings.  

Your skin is amazing, what are your three top beauty must-haves or treatments?

Thank you! The older I get the more I understand that less is more. Our body is constantly working to repair and restore itself, that includes the skin which is our largest organ. I do a soft cleanse morning and night followed by a moisturiser. I like using products that work gently on the skin. I’m also a huge fan of light therapy for the skin - using the energy from light to help create cellular energy in our own skin. 

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Credit: Image courtesy of Instagram user @rachael_finch
What’s your go-to workout outfit and why did you want to create the B.O.D activewear range?

A supportive crop and pair of tights that make me feel good. I also like looser t-shirts and singlets made from beautiful fabrics that aren't restricting. Layering is important when it comes to workout gear so I like choosing items that can be tied, tucked or worn with other things!
[With B.O.D activewear] I wanted to create something that makes you feel happy, healthy and strong. I wanted to create pieces that require minimal fuss - the type that you can pull from the 2nd drawer time and time again knowing you will feel good in it. Minimal colour palette, with classic colours. No crazy quote shirts, just relaxed and easy.

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Credit: Image courtesy of Instagram user @rachael_finch
How do you like to unwind?

This could be a never-ending answer! There are so many beautiful things to choose from. A cup of tea on the balcony in quiet, a long walk with Simba or the pram, a stretch session, meditation, a hot bath, a massage or some acupuncture. I try and do something nice for myself every day even if it’s just that 5 minutes. 

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Credit: Image courtesy of Instagram user @rachael_finch

For more info check out B.O.D By Rachael Finch


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