What's It Like To Fly Business Class? Monika Radulovic Reveals All

by Monika Radulovic

Ever wondered what the pointy end of the plane looks like? Monika Radulovic shares her first class experience plus her top travel tips...
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Having worked as a model for nearly a decade, one of my favourite parts of the job is definitely the travel - getting to see the world and explore incredible destinations is such a perk.  However, my overall experience of long-haul flights has been squishy seats, cramped legs, less-than-average “food”, and about as much luxury as a peak-hour train ride.

This was certainly not the case when I recently travelled to Qatar for my beautiful cousin Jelena’s wedding. I was lucky enough to experience flying business class for the first time on board an Emirates Airbus A380 plane -  and it didn’t disappoint!

From the moment I stepped on board, the experience was amazing. The crew were so welcoming and friendly, and April, the personal flight attendant assigned to me, ensured I was looked after and had everything I needed.

I could hardly contain my excitement when I reached my seat and saw ALL. THAT. ROOM! My super spacious business class seat came with a pillow, a warm duvet (heaven in the chilly cabin), noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask and socks -  and a private mini bar with an assortment of drinks at my seat! 

I was exhausted when I boarded the flight (It was 6am and I hadn’t slept a wink all night) so I couldn’t wait to switch my bed to flat mode and fall asleep as soon as we took off. The seat literally reclined to being completely flat with the touch of a button! It was so comfortable that I slept for a solid 7 hours, undisturbed.

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An amenities kit is also given out to all business class passengers. It included perfume, face and body lotions by Bvlgari, as well as the usual offerings like a toothbrush, toothpaste and tissues, all housed in a gorgeous silver satin Bvlgari makeup bag. I really felt so spoilt!

And we all know the negative stigma associated with airplane food - well, this was definitely not the case on board Emirates! I’m talking fresh and healthy options like grilled beef tenderloins, salmon trout confit and thai-style prawn salad (my favourite) just to name a few of the extensive options. I’m a big foodie so this made me VERY happy; the meals were so nourishing and satisfying without being too heavy. 

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But I think my favourite part of my Emirates Business Class experience would have to be having access to the Emirates Sky Bar, the back section of the business class cabin where First and Business class passengers can mingle with the crew and other passengers while enjoying canapés and drinks at the lounge bar. I couldn't get over the fact that I was relaxing at a bar while on a plane- so cool! I chatted to the lovely crew members for almost an hour there and got to hear their hilarious stories about some very interesting and entertaining passengers they've ever had on board (which I may or not share at another time!) 

After experiencing the luxury of Emirates Business Class and all the wonderful things it has to offer, it’s going to be pretty hard going back to economy! But at least I’ll always have the sweet, spacious memories. It’s definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

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Monika’s Top Travel Tips

There’s no doubt that long-haul flights can really take it out of you. They dry out your skin, mess with your sleep patterns and zap your energy. All in all, you tend to walk out of flights looking a lot worse for wear than before you boarded. Well, check out my top 5 items to pack in your hand luggage so you look (and feel) fresh after a long flight. 

1. Comfy Loungewear

I always pack some stretchy leggings, a warm jumper and socks to change into on the plane. Feeling cozy and comfortable can make all the difference when you're trying to get to sleep.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are a God send. I invested in a pair by Bose and I’ve never looked back. They allow you to block out all the sounds from the plane and other passengers, which in turn really helps you to relax and rest on board.

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3. A Good Moisturiser

It's so essential to keep skin hydrated while flying due to the lack of humidity in the cabin. My current favourite is La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating moisturiser, which is super moisturising and gives the skin a beautiful glow. I lather a thick layer on as soon as I board, then re-apply every few hours.

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4. Water

It’s just as important to hydrate from the inside as well as out while on board, so I always make sure to buy a 1.5L of water at the airport, and continuously sip it on the plane. Yep, this much water means you’ll probably be needing the bathroom every half an hour which can get a little annoying (for both you and the person sitting beside you if you're not in the aisle seat), but it’s a small price to pay for a well-hydrated body. 

5. Makeup Essentials

I always pack a tinted lip balm to add some subtle colour to lips, mascara to widen the eyes and a highlighter to give a bright and fresh glow to the face. I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette; it’s the perfect highlighter and also includes a contour powder. I always do a little touch up before landing which instantly makes me feel and look more fresh and wide awake.

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