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Sammy Bremner On Living Your Truth & Leaving A Legacy

by Rosie McKay

One of Rugby League's brightest stars, Sammy Bremner, shares her training routine and why it's important to always stay true to who you are...

"You are the ONLY YOU, and I think that is AMAZING! There’s no better feeling closing your eyes at night knowing you have [been] true to who YOU ARE." This is the message 25-year-old rugby league star and Canterbury ambassador Sammy Bremner wants to send out to the world. At a time where we are bombarded daily with images of the perfect body, perfect life, perfect job it's refreshing to see a young passionate woman at the top of her game dedicated to spreading a positive message about what it takes to realise your dreams, in turn inspiring other young woman to achieve theirs.  

It's this grounded attitude and sense of responsibility to leave a legacy - on and off the field- that drives Sammy to be the best she can in all aspects of her life. But she's also quick to add that perspective and balance is everything. She says that having overcome five seperate injuries has served as a daily reminder that football is something she loves to do, but not who she is.  

In this exclusive interview she details a typical day of on her plate, her training regime and details her how she keeps her mind in check when overcoming adversity. 

How does it feel to championing women in sport as an ambassador for women’s NRL?

I take great pride in trying to do whatever I can to make women’s Rugby League as successful as can be. I am passionate about every female involved, whether that is in a playing capacity, coaching or administrative. 

I want to leave a legacy, knowing I did everything I could in my power on and off the field to help get Women’s NRL where it needs to be. 

Working with Canterbury has also given me a great opportunity to spread my message a little further. It’s nice to work with a brand you truly believe in, and supports you as much as you do it. 

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You’ve been touted as a role model for young girls in sport – how do you feel about this responsibility?

This is definitely a huge responsibility that I do not take lightly. I am driven by the fact that I have the power to encourage young girls in sport, to follow their dreams, work extremely hard, and be exactly who they are and true to themselves along the way. 

Rugby has been a boys club, until now – what makes you feel proud about being one of the first women to play professional rugby?

I am so proud to be apart of such an inclusive culture. The NRL have always been so supportive of women’s participation and involvement and it’s important to continue to champion women in sport. 

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What does a typical day on a plate look like for you? Breakfast, lunch, dinner? What do you eat in a day?

I wake up for work at 5am and have a banana and green tea. I work & train then come home to 1 slice wholemeal sourdough with 2 eggs, avocado with Lemon & Dukka. 

Lunch = Buddha Bowl (home made)/ Spinach, Carrot, onion, asparagus, capsicum, chicken Breast with hummus & feta. YUM!!

My go-to dinner is often a Mexican bowl with turkey mince, spinach, carrot, onion, capsicum, brown rice and some homemade guacamole with avocado, lemon and chilli flakes. This meal is a favourite of mine because it is quick, easy and delicious. It feels like I’m being naughty - but I’m not!

What’s your favourite treat?

Strawberries dipped in home made Avocado Mousse (avocado, cacao, Chobani and sugar free maple syrup), and Halo Top Protein Ice cream (Salted Caramel!!) my only struggle is to resist eating the whole tub!)

Describe a typical training session

I am naturally a runner and love sprint sessions but I do a lot of extra work lifting weights in the gym to make me stronger, while I’m little (short) I try and make up for in power and strength and pace. 

This would include a 1km time trial Row to begin the session, followed by … 

8 x Hangcleans
8 x squats
8 x chest press
8 x renegade row
10 mins of core work

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What are you most proud of to date?

The people I have surrounded myself with - both in rugby league and in general life. I love genuine, honest, humble and positive people. They are the types of people I chose to have around me. 

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With the rise of social media body image is something a lot of women,(not just young girls) struggle with. What is the message you hope to get out there?

That you are the ONLY YOU, and I think that is AMAZING!
There’s no better feeling closing your eyes at night knowing you have true to who YOU ARE. 

What strategy do you use to overcome doubt or hurdles like injury or a losing streak?

This is something that I have had to do continuously for the last 12 months. I’ve been knocked down 5 separate times and and have always had the temptation to stay down. 

I need to keep reminding myself … BALANCE, POSITIVITY & GRATITUDE.

Balance is key and I make sure of that every day. Even though I couldn’t play rugby league or even train for that matter, I focussed on all the positives I had in my life and said them out loud … from small things to large things. 

I am grateful that I have such wonderful friends around me, I would go reflect on all the travels around the world I have done, and where else I want to go, I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband, I would walk my dog in the sunshine, with a coffee in hand and just breathe. 

A daily reminder to myself that football is something I love that I do, but not who I am.

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Besides footy what fulfils you?

Helping others, working at my gym and travelling. 

When you’re not playing footy where can we find you?

Travelling, I love travelling! I use to think I wouldn’t be able to because of my football career, but I have practiced discipline and have now trained in some of the most beautiful places in the world. I couldn’t be more grateful to combine my loves. 


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