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Elle Ferguson On The Secret Ingredient To Success

by Rosie McKay

Influencer-turned-entrepreneur Elle Ferguson chats being disruptive, wedding plans and reveals the key to success in life and business...
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As one of Australia's go-to fashion and beauty influencers, it's safe to say that you have probably heard of Elle Ferguson - or at least seen one of the many beautiful images of her working with some of the biggest brands in the biz. But recently the Aussie beauty switched modes from influencer to entrepreneur, launching her self-tan, Elle Effect

Like so much of what Elle does, the tan has been received with fanfare around the world, with even the likes of social media royalty Kim Kardashian gramming about it. "When I set out to create a tan it was all about being disruptive", explains Elle. And if the glowing reviews for her rose-scented self-tan are are anything to go by, she's nailed it! 

In our exclusive chat with Elle she shares her thoughts on overcoming hurdles, the best piece of advice her mum ever gave her and reveals the special ingredient weaved through the Elle Effect.

What has been the best thing that has happened since launching Elle Effect? I saw Kim K grammed about it!

Besides actually launching something that I created from start to finish, it has actually been people buying my tan, using my tan and LOVING it. Seriously it's an amazing feeling.

You're a massive advocate of kindness and women supporting women - why is this so important to you and the Elle Effect brand?

Kindness is something that is so incredibly important to me. It plays a HUGE part in everything I do. Supporting women and lifting other women up along my journey is honestly something that has just come naturally. I've never thought of doing business or living any other way. And that is essentially a huge part of the Elle Effect. It's great for this practice to now have a name and for people to be passing it on.

What sets your tanning product apart from others? Did you have any hurdles to overcome pre-launch? What were they?

So when I set out to create a tan it was all about being disruptive. What makes my tan different? Why would someone by this tan over the next? Firstly my tan doesn't smell like a tan. The big thing with fake tan is the telltale smell and my tan smells like roses.

Next up was the colour. I have created one universal colour that you can build meaning that anyone can use this tan. The application is a mousse but has been formulated to dry super quick and isn’t sticky. Yes, there have been hurdles but thats part of the journey, [as is] getting over those hurdles. Even though I fell a few times I got up and kept going and now I have a product I am so very proud of.

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Who are your biggest beauty and fashion influences?

Number one would always be my mum because she had natural beauty on the inside and the out. Other than that I love beauty icons like Goldie Hawn, Lauren Hutton it's a classic blonde beauty. And I mean who can go past Kim K, Jen Atkin and Eleanor Pendleton from Gritty Pretty.

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What's the best piece of advice your Mum ever gave you that you carry with you all the time?

Be you. Be kind and have courage. 

Congratulations on your recent engagement to Joel. How much input does he have in your business? Also how much input will you let him have in the wedding preparations?

This question made me laugh cause I said to him, "if you plan the wedding I'd be happy with that (ha ha ha)!". Joel is one of a kind and just the best human ever. The input that Joel has is that he supports me no matter what and that is huge cause I have some crazy dreams and sometimes wear some crazy things :) But he is always there.

Last week he turned up to a L'oreal Masterclass at Priceline just to support me… I also respect his input and actually thrive on his perspective.

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You definitely live an exciting and what some would call a "dream life" is this what you dreamed you would be doing? How much hard work goes on behind the scenes as an influencer?

I am living the dream… I feel very blessed and grateful for what I have and what I am doing -  but I work VERY hard for what I have. There are sacrifices like any job.

There has been mention of you collabing with Elle Macpherson - anything more you can share on this? Why would this be a dream come true?

You summed it up. It would be an ultimate dream of mine.

What's next for you?

Where do I begin! Strap yourself in because the next few months are going to BE BIG!!!

All images courtesy of @elleferguson and @elleeffect


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