"Motherhood Has Empowered Me" - Kate Ritchie As You've Never Seen Her

by Rosie McKay

Radio host Kate Ritchie, opens up about her most revealing role to date and tells how motherhood has given her a new respect for her body...
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She's the darling of the small screen and air waves, and now Australian actress and radio personality, Kate Ritchie, has added another bow to her string, recently being announced as the new face and body of iconic underwear and loungewear brand, Jockey

Showing off the brand's stylish and luxurious new designs - and a svelte bod to boot - a radiant Kate proves the fit of her new role with Jockey is just perfect. “As a busy, working mum I love that the Jockey range offers me all the wardrobe essentials that I rely on for day to day living, across lounge, sleep and under wear” she said. 

“The brand is known for providing women with comfort and support, and the sophisticated, minimalist designs reflect my everyday go-to looks. The Weekender lounge wear is so soft to slip into, and the underwear makes me look good and feel good, because the fits are so flattering.”

We chatted exclusively to the Aussie beauty about motherhood, moving out of her comfort zone for her new role and the best advice she's ever received.

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How would you say motherhood has changed you the most in terms of body confidence?

Both pregnancy and motherhood has challenged and changed me in so many ways and it has certainly given me a new found respect for my body. With that I developed a body confidence I didn’t have previously. Don’t get me wrong, I am like most women who are conscious of my appearance but I am now far more focused and impressed by what my body is capable of and feel so much more empowered.

Why have you chosen to partner with a brand like Jockey?

I’ve always worn and been a fan of the brand. For me all of the planets aligned and the timing was just so right for me to do something in this space. Jockey got in touch and I was flattered and excited about the prospect of doing something out of my comfort zone.

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What is your favourite way to relax?

I love to flick through my library of cookbooks and spend unmonitored time in the kitchen. I have always found cooking such good therapy and over the years it is has been the way I have expressed love and gratitude. There is nothing more comforting than a table of happy faces with full tummies and hearts. I also enjoy hours spent in the garden. It’s one of the only times I can feel completely present and after working hard that sense of true exhaustion and accomplishment is exhilarating.

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What’s the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

Always be sure to remove your makeup before bed, especially your mascara! No matter how many glasses of champagne you’ve had.


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Jockey’s Weekender range is available online and across their retail partners: Myer, David Jones, Bonds Outlet and Independents. Jockey underwear RRP’s range between $16.95 – $44.95, and their sleep and lounge wear ranges between $39.95 – $89.95 AUD. 


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