How To Renovate Your Kitchen On A Budget

by Rosie McKay

The kitchen is the heart of the home so it's only right it looks the part. The Blue Space Founder Josh Mammoliti shares his renovating tips...
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If you're anything household is anything like mine, the kitchen is where all the action happens. On most days you will find me in there serving up breakfast, making lunches, cooking up something for dinner and baking or experimenting with recipes - if you can't already tell I love to cook. When we we built our home we had a very clear vision for our kitchen, the place where we gather daily, and the hub of the home when our extend family and friends visit. 

To be completely honest, while worth it, it's one of the rooms in the home that we did go over budget! And anyone who's ever built their own home or perhaps tried their hand at some DIY renovating knows that often things do not go to plan, which leads to blowing the budget.

Enter The Blue Space, an online platform which allows people to buy complete stylised kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, utalising hi-res 3D CAD drawings to show you exactly how your space will look before you spend a cent. Partnering with top brands including Polytec, Phoenix, Clark,Seima and Crompton, The Blue Space work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams at a more cost-effective price than the do-it-for-me reno and without the uncertainty of a DIY job. They're Do It Together approach means they work with you every step of the way from conception to completion.

So how exactly do you get the kitchen of your dreams on a budget? We asked The Blue Space founder and managing director Josh Mammoliti to share his top 5 tips for renovating a kitchen on a budget.

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Top 5 Tips For Renovating A Kitchen On A Budget

1. Always allow for a 10-20% contingency budget in any renovation as once walls and floors start being exposed you will likely run into issues such as water damage, back of wall pipework and electrical issues or needing to move items to accommodate your new fittings.

2. Laminate bench tops can be a third of the cost of a stone bench top and still boast heat and scratch resistance plus come in a range of beautiful finishes that often mimic a stone look.

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3. Look for energy efficient LED strip or feature lighting options for your kitchen. A small inexpensive comfort feature that will give your new kitchen added impact and practicality. Running strip lighting under your wall cabinets or below the base cabinets along the kickboard not only looks amazing but will save you money long term. 

4. Don't move existing plumbing or electrical fittings. Often it is changes to plumbing and electrical work behind walls that add complexity and cost to your renovation. On the flip side, a perfect layout adds value to your home, so if it absolutely needs to move, then move it!

5. Opt for large format tiles. With large tiles there is less grout to keep clean making them the cleaner’s choice. They are also easier and cheaper to lay. 

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