That 70s Fling - Ada Nicodemou As You've Never Seen Her

by Rosie McKay

Newly single and embracing her 40s, gorgeous actress Ada Nicodemou sizzles in 70s-inspired looks. See all the pics and exclusive chat here...

When Ada arrives at our shoot she's fresh-faced, glowing, and sporting newly coloured and blow-dried hair thanks to our Hair & Makeup maestro, Rose. Dressed in a chic By Johnny mini dress with spaghetti straps, which perfectly shows off her svelte figure and post-Europe holiday tan (she celebrated her 40th in Italy with her closest friends), Ada greets all the crew with a big smile, hug and kiss. This is not my first time working with Ada, I have styled her numerous times over the years for various magazines but am thrilled that today she is here for See.Need.Want. 

Not that she would ever know this, but when I set out to launch this website, hers was a name on the "People I Want To Work With" wishlist. There is something about her infectious laugh and tenacity to keep going no matter what curve balls life serves up that resonates with me and all that this site stands for - authenticity, empowerment, working hard for what you want and of course style. 

It's no secret Ada has had her fair share of heartache and heartbreak over the years, including the loss of her beautiful baby boy, Harrison, in 2014 and recent divorce from husband, Chrys Xipolitas, but the the actress says being a mummy to Johnas, 6, has taught her "to not sweat the small stuff [because] you cannot control everything in life... Live in the moment and appreciate what you have."

And if there is one thing Ada is appreciative of, it's being able to play the role of Leah Patterson on Home & Away for the last 17 years. I guess that would make her somewhat a doyenne of Australian TV, but don't expect any diva attitude, you won't find it here. Ada is warm, funny and wholeheartedly embracing her 40s. As she puts it, "I think you should enjoy every stage of your life because every stage is interesting and beautiful". Sage advice from this beautiful and sexy mama who rocks some of the season's hottest 70s-inspired looks in our exclusive shoot. 

Keep scrolling to see all the smoking-hot pics plus more from our chat about all things style, beauty, motherhood, work and what the future holds.

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See Need Want Fashion Ada Fashion Feature 1
Credit: Ada wears; Lioness "Rendezvous" dress, from The Iconic, Nicole Fendel "Ava" statement earrings, Prada bag from Vestaire Co
See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 2
Ada On Being 40

You recently celebrated your 40th birthday – how did you feel about reaching this milestone? 
I was really looking forward to it and I am really embracing this next stage of my life. I am feeling really happy and excited about my future

You celebrated with a trip to Italy with a group of friends – is this always something you dreamed you would do?
 YES! Italy has always been a dream holiday for me and I have not been able to get back for a very long time so this is what I always wanted to do for my 40th, plus I got to experience it with beautiful friends, made some amazing memories, ate incredible food and drank amazing wine – It was perfect

Women often stress about reaching 40 - if you had the chance to go back to and give your 20s-something self some advice, what would it be?
I think you should enjoy every stage of your life because every stage is interesting and beautiful. Stop stressing about getting older and enjoy every moment.

See Need Want Fashion Ada Fashion Feature 6
Credit: Ada wears; Ralph Lauren Collection slip dress from Vestiaire Collective, On side table; Swarovski Sun sunglasses from Healy Optical, Hermes bag from Vestiaire Collective
See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 4 See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 5
See Need Want Fashion Ada Fashion Feature 3
Ada On Motherhood

Johnas just turned five – time goes so fast! What’s he like? What things do you like to do together?
He is the most amazing human being I ever met. I am so proud to be his mum. He is funny, warm, happy, generous and just a very affectionate child. We spend a lot of time playing, he loves reading books and we love to dance together. He also hates me singing haha. So he clearly has very good taste. 

How do you manage the work / motherhood juggle, especially since becoming a single mum? 
I think you need to be extremely organized, and prioritize and learn to say no to things that are not as important. For me, I am extremely lucky because I have a very strong family support network with my mum helping me out a lot. I could not do it without her.

What has motherhood taught you?
To not sweat the small stuff. You cannot control everything in life. This is something I am still trying to learn. Live in the moment and appreciate what you have.

What are the qualities you hope to instill in Johnas? 
I want him to be an allround good person and have emotional intelligence and treat others with respect. To love himself and to be good to himself.

What have your learnt from your mum?
I think my mum has given me my strong work ethic and taught me to be an independent woman. 

See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 7
Credit: Lioness playsuit from The Iconic, Nicole Fendel earrings and rings
See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 9
See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 8
Ada On Fitness & Beauty

You’re in wonderful shape – talk us through your fitness regime.
I try and do as much exercise as I can so that tends to be about 4 times a week. I mix it up between cardio and weight training. I try and do things I love. I love to dance, long walks, pilates, boxing – all of that stuff.

Do you follow any particular diet?
NO. I think you should listen to your body and what you need and eat in moderation, however I do enjoy food and the good life so I tend to live by a 20 / 80 rule…. 80% percent of the time eat well and the other 20% cocktails and cheeses… haha

What are your go-to beauty products?
A really good cleanser – NeoStrata Resurface Foaming Glycolic Wash or Cetaphil. Nivea Body Firming Moisturiser is the best. A really good mascara and eyelash curler. Maybelline Great Lash is incredible.

Are there any beauty treatments you swear by to keep your skin in tip-top condition?
Skin Needling…. I love it. I exfoliate twice a week…. I never go to sleep with my make up on 

What did you love most about this 70s-inspired beauty look? 
Besides the amazing outfits I loved having fun with the shots and doing a photo shoot that’s a little different with looks that people haven’t seen on me before.

You rock a heavy winged eye – is this a look you would be confident to wear for a night out?
I wish I could but somebody would have to do the liner on me as I’m so bad at it haha 

What beauty products would be find in your handbag?
Perfume, deodorant and lipgloss 

How would you describe your style?
Simple elegance.

What was your fave look from the shoot – why?
Probably the play suit, it’s something I’d probably wear and I felt really sexy in it 

What are your go-to brands?
Where do I start – for something quick and easy – Sheike…. LOVE Australian designers – sass & bide, Scanlan Theodore, Carla Zampatti, By Johnny, Rachel Gilbert and so many more 

See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 11
Credit: Thurley 'Faberge' mini dress, Fallen Broken Street hat, Nicole Fendel rings, Billini shoes
See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 12
Ada On Acting, Charity Work & The Future

You’ve been on Home & Away for 17 years, how does it feel to be part of the show after so many years?
I am extremely proud of my time on the show and what we have created, and what I am part of. I think we are always pushing the boundaries and the show is always looking better and better as the years go on. I feel privileged to be part of such an iconic show. I remember when it first started so it’s incredible to be a part of that

You support quite a few charities, including Save Our Sons, why is charity work so important to you?
As a human being I think it is important to give back and to help people less in need. On another level I think people in the media can do a little more than the general public in different ways – I feel it is my duty to do that but I couldn’t not help out. I love to be part of different charities so I will do anything I can. 

When you're not working, what do you like to do to relax?  
LOVE watching TV – obsessed with box sets and movies in general. Or reading a good book.

 What’s next for you?
I don’t know… Definitely Home & Away. I love working on endorsements and being a Priceline ambassador. I am passionate about aligning myself with that brand. Enjoying my time with Johnas and trying to prepare myself for him going to school next year! 

See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 14
Credit: Nasty Gal pants, Atmos & Here top from The Iconic, Nicole Fendel cuffs and rings, Gucci belt, Billini shoes
See Need Want Ada Nicodemou Fashion Feature 13

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