4 Swimwear Labels To Know Now

by Rosie McKay

From sleek and sustainable, glam and retro to a luxe line glittering with Swarovskis, put these new swim brands on your shopping list...

The best bit about Summer is sunny days and holidays spent either poolside or by the ocean. It's also the perfect time of year to treat yourself to new swimwear. And if you're currently in the market for new swimwear (like me!) these are four new names to know. Check out some of my top picks, plus read my interviews with Fiorella Castro from ethical swim brand Seapia and Carly Alyssa Hayman of Huntrss.The.Label about the inspiration behind their new collections. Surf's up!


Made from discarded plastics, Seapia is an ethical swim label manufactured ethically right here in Australia. Their latest collection is sleek with a focus on clean lines and block colours. Head Designer, Fiorella Castro, gives us the low-down on the inspiration behind the latest collection.

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How was Seapia born?
I was looking to create a fashion brand that focused on sustainability. An antithesis to most of the fashion brands I had been exposed to. 

What was the inspo behind your latest collection?
The clean aesthetic from the new collection came from my love of modernism. 

The one-piece has made a big comeback – what do you love about it? Why do you think it’s equally as sexy as a bikini? The one piece is a great come back, it allows women to have more options on how they dress in swimwear.  As a designer the extra fabric allows me to experiment more with design shapes. It can definitively be just as sexy a s a bikini. The torso is such a beautiful part of the female body, accentuating and contouring its beautiful lines can help create very beautiful pieces with a lot of sex-appeal.

Explain how / why you decided to create Seapia from recycled discarded plastics? 
Seapia is a modern brand so creating sustainable design is the only way to look into the future, creating in real time but always looking ahead, the impact and consequences in the making of a product is most important to us. Finding a great quality fabric that is made by helping with such a massive problem (discarded ocean plastics) was a godsend.

Why is it important that you keep both design and manufacturing in Australia? 
Ethical manufacturing is part of our core values. Supporting our local industry allows us to know exactly how our products are made and under what conditions. It also allows us to be more hands on with the manufacturing process and saves a lot of time. There are great manufactures that specialise in swimwear in Australia

Your colour palette is spot-on trend – why did you decide to go with just block colours?
I thought block colours would let the clean design shapes talk for themselves.

What sets your brand apart from others? 
Seapia is only in its young years but I think already we are creating a strong hand writing when it comes to design. We are also very thoughtful in the way we conduct our business, trying to keep every process environmentally sustainable. We also have many years of experience in the industry and that is helping grow our brand smoothly. 

Who is the Seapia muse?
Is the quintessential Australian woman with a love for the beach, the environment and who oozes a nonchalant coolness  that reflects her life style.

Describe the perfect Seapia girl in three words
Caring, healthy and  stylish.

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Hatrik Swim is the brainchild of Sophia Athas, law student turned illustrator, videographer, multi media artist - and now designer. An avid traveller, the collection has a distinct European feel, with many of the style names inspired by beautiful Italian seaside destinations featured in the campaign imagery. Distinctly retro, the colours, cuts and designs are all in keeping with the vintage theme, yet original prints and the ability to mix-n-match tops and bottoms and personalise elements of the collection keep the whole range fresh and super cool. Here designer Sophia talk us through the collection and why her sisters are her biggest design inspiration. My hot tip? Get in quick!

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Credit: All images courtesy of Instagram user @hatrikswim

How was the idea for Hatrik Swim born?
Funnily enough my sisters and I have grown up with a dad in retail, and because of that our bikini draw was constantly overflowing!!! It wasn't until the last few years however that it's become a little sad looking, struggling to find pieces that were true to our style, with bright prints and quirkier cuts! We were in Greece last year on a family holiday and sitting on the beach in the same bikinis we had worn all trip and I told myself, I'm going to design my own swimwear! That afternoon I went home and started sketching up designs, and a year later we're here with a collection! 

What is the inspiration behind your swim collection?
I think I'm always most inspired by my siblings unique style, their approach to fashion and their appearance of not caring what others think is really refreshing! I know for a lot of women, swimwear and beachwear is super personal and can be a fragile topic, but celebrating different shapes and sizes and styles is what I love, and I hope that my pieces can help girls do that.

Fave piece from the collection?
The high waisted Capri set for sure! I know high waisted isn't for everyone, but it's super cute, I've been wearing the tie up top with skirts and the briefs under sheer dresses! It's cool that swimwear and 'resort' collections are being introduced into our everyday outfits. 

What sets your brand apart from others?
The colourways and cuts that aren't necessarily following the 'beach' trends going around. I used my favourite silhouettes from photo shoots and clippings and iconic designs that I've been collecting forever, so the combination of this meant it was super different to other swimwear. The use of prints and fabrication details like ruffles and bows was also an added quirk that I've grown to love! 

What does the future hold for Hatrik?
Well, hopefully more styles and more colours! I'm loving seeing the designs come to life and having these ideas in my head being now worn by my friends and customers!! It's motivating beyond words and I'm keen to introduce more styles into the next collection! 

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HUNTRSS by Carly Alyssa Hayman

I first met Carly when she was working for one of Australia's leading high-end fashion designers. She was responsible for the impeccable fit and beading on an amazing gown I had collaborated with the brand on for celebrity shoot I was producing. We hit it off straight away, both over fitness and fashion  - specifically our love for MMA and boxing - and stayed in touch via social media. Fast forward a three years on and now the super talented fashion designer is pouring her talent and adventurous soul into her own label Huntrss which includes swimwear for the ultimate beach goddess. Here designer Carly gives us the inside story on Huntrss.

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How was the idea for Huntrss born?
I’ve always had a love for nature and the outdoors, and I spend a lot of time adventuring in the wild. Growing up I had some friends in the army who introduced me to a world that I otherwise would never have come across. Being surrounded by soldiers, I took an interest in their day to day training and tools of the trade. I had a fascination with mixing these with fashion using bullet holes, dye bombs, camouflage nets and knots to create wearable garments and accessories.

One day, I decided to get myself bow and arrow. It came very naturally to me and I’ve loved it ever since. I often take it into nature and shoot apples off the head of mannequins (never animals). It’s not every day you see a girl with a bow and arrow hitting bulls-eyes. I've always had a fascination with blending fashion and nature, so I guess my bow was the connection between these two contrasting worlds. Consequently, Huntrss was born. Like me, Huntrss is unique, feminine and strong. I have always loved the contrast of being a very feminine girl with a strong side. Huntrss is high fashion and effortless beauty, dark and light, feminine and strong. It’s unpredictable. 

Your background in fashion saw you working on beautiful evening and high-end gowns - what made you decide to channel your design skills into homewares and swimwear?
My background in high-end/custom-made fashion has given me all the tools necessary to ensure the highest quality and fit. The best part is that my years in the fashion industry has allowed me to specialise in many different areas.
My first job out of college was with a homewares company, so it felt natural to go back to these roots. My love for the ocean drew me towards swimwear. I'm now in a position to mix the various chapters of my life into the new one I am embarking on.

What was the inspo behind your first swim collection?
I draw inspiration from everywhere. I am heavily inspired by the beauty of nature, the art of couture, and special moments, places, and memories that stand out in my life.  There is a big focus on strong prints which will be the centre of each collection. Each print has a backstory. A place or memory that has real meaning. I like to think that my customers dream up their own story when they look at a Huntrss piece.

What sets your brand apart from others?
The Huntrss brand has a huge focus on quality. I've always been a perfectionist, so I like things to be as close to perfect as possible. Huntrss ensures quality in all ways, from fabrics all the way through to fit and fine details. 
I have always worked with Swarovski Crystals, so it felt right to continue the relationship and partner up with them for Huntrss. I will be using Swarovski crystals throughout the collection to add a hint of sparkle and make each piece that extra bit special.
I think there is a huge market for simple, well-fitted bikinis and there is always a demand for high-end detail and ‘statement’ fashion pieces. Huntrss is swimwear with hints of high-end couture. Its beach goddess meets high-fashion.

Who is the Huntrss muse?
The Huntrss muse is the ultimate beach goddess. She is confident, natural and effortlessly beautiful yet strong and unpredictable.

Describe the perfect Huntrss girl in three words
Natural. Confident. Strong.

What does the future hold for Huntrss?
Follow the magic and you’ll find out…

Instagram: @huntrss.the.label

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Marlie Dekkers

If you want something glamorous with retro appeal, this renowned lingerie and swim brand hailing from Europe is for you. And with recent news marlies|dekkers is now shipping swimwear to Oz, it's the perfect time to put the brand on your radar. Flattering cuts, chic stripes, attention to detail and vibrant colours, you'll stand out on the sand for all the right reasons.

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