In The Spotlight: Natalie Roser Shines In The Fashion Trends To Watch For 2019

by Rosie McKay

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Suiting, stripes, sparkle and statement sleeves Aussie It-Girl Natalie Roser shows us what we'll be wearing in 2019 PLUS chats life in LA

I first met Aussie It Girl, Natalie Roser at a fashion event. Monika Radulovic who was the first ever model / influencer I shot for See.Need.Want introduced us. Natalie was warm, friendly and told me how much she loved the shoot I had done with Mon. We parted ways, promising to work together soon. Well, fast forward two years here we are, proving good things are worth the wait. 

Currently based in LA with her actor boyfriend Harley Bonner, Natalie had one day free to for us to get this shoot and interview done in Sydney before heading off to Melbourne for work. So of course I leapt into action and in 2 days organised the crew, wardrobe and stunning Sydney bar Hacienda as the location for our exclusive shoot. 

Genuine, down-to-earth, warm and gracious, Natalie has an infectious upbeat energy - both on and off the camera. Having spent time with her, it's easy to understand why she has amassed almost 1 million followers on Instagram, something she says she doesn't spend too much time planning and likes to keep natural.

And a natural she is in front of the lens too, so much so it was hard to whittle the pic selection down - so I didn't! In this exclusive shoot, the Newcastle-born beauty showcases the fashion trends that will take us into 2019. Think suiting, sequins, soft-as-butter leather, retro-inspired prints, linen, statement sleeves, neon-bright hues and more. 

Plus take a read of our interview (keep scrolling to the very end!) where Natalie chats fashion faux pas, business lessons, fitness, best foodie haunts and her go-to smoothie recipe PLUS how she keeps her relationship with social media in check and a secret project launching in 2019.

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Credit: Polo Ralph Lauren jacket, Polo Ralph Lauren pants, Boden slides, TAG Heuer watch, Valere lion necklace, Arms Of Eve spiral shell necklace, Arms Of Eve cow chocker necklace
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Credit: Elka Collective shirt, Thurley shorts, Marks & Spencer shoes, Valere earrings, Showpo belt
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Credit: ASOS dress, Valere earrings
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Credit: ASOS stripe knit, Torannce leather skirt, Arms Of Eve cowrie shell bracelet, Arms Of Eve beaded cuff , Arms Of Eve silver cuff, Gucci belt from Net-A-Porter
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Credit: Elliatt linen dress, Valere earrings, Skin Footwear heels
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Credit: Self Portrait dress from GlamCorner, Valere earrings, Alias Mae heels
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Credit: Luna Atelier Jacket & Shorts , Valere earrings, Alias Mae Heels
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Give us a bit of background, how long have you been a model and why did you decide to move over to LA

I started modeling when I was 13 years old! So I have been in the industry for quite some time. I never really travelled with modeling until I was about 23. I really focused on my schooling and then university. I was focused on building a career in Australia and wasn’t comfortable enough to travel until I was a bit older. Since my first stint over in America four years ago, I’ve been back and forth. Making the commitment to officially move there this year was actually a really easy one. My partner is an actor so LA is perfect for him and I’m very lucky that it’s a commercial, booming modelling industry as well. So it’s a perfect opportunity to explore a new city and way of living!

What has been the best bit and what has been the most challenging bit about working over in LA

I’ve found that the best part about working in LA is being Australian! Aussies have such a good reputation which I love, and we are known as hard workers. I’ve found that the expectations from clients isn’t as high so they’re always so appreciative of the strangest things! Being on time is one that surprises some of my US clients a lot! 

The most challenging would be that it’s a new market for me. New clients and a lot of competition for jobs. I don’t have my regular work or regular routine, so it can sometimes be a bit of a mental game. 

Your partner Harley is an actor and also lives in LA with you, what is it like having two creative people in the relationship!? 

It’s AMAZING!! We understand each other so well and inspire each other daily! It’s so nice to have passionate conversations about our ideas and creative processes. We also can offer advice to each other on things were working on. It works really well for us. I guess it’s the main personality trait that we both have in common. I love that he is creative.  

How does the modelling world differ in the USA to Australia?

Well, other than the above mentioned lower expectations, I’ve found that there are a few differences. The industry has a slightly more competitive edge to it in the US. There is also a lot more networking involved in booking jobs. I think because girls fly from all over the world to work as a model in LA or NYC, these cities become so much more competitive. So everyone is pushing and shoving to get the job. I’m lucky that my agency really respect my decision to avoid all of that! I don’t have the energy to put in to negative and competitive feelings. 

What did you love about this shoot for See.Need.Want? 

EVERYTHING! I love working with an inspirational and creative team. The day flowed so well and I loved every aspect of the shoot. 

What are your fave looks for A/W 19 why?

I love the colour palettes that are coming in for next year! It seems to be a really beautiful mix of soft pastels and bold 70s tones! I’m in love with the versatility. 

Have you always been into fashion?

 No! Ha. Not at all. I tried as a teenager but I was never that interested. I would to love go op shopping and find cool pieces (or what I thought was cool at the time), and I never seemed to follow trends and stay up to date. I was introduced to fashion through work. It’s amazing how much you absorb when you surround yourself with it. Now my fashion choices come a lot easier!

You have also dabbled in fashion design with your own clothing line Roser The Label – is this a space we can see more of from you?

Unfortunately not! Roser The Label was a huge learning experience for me but after the first three collections I decided to leave it be. There are still a few pieces online for sale, and I am really impressed with the feedback and response from my customer, but as I grow so does my brand. So I’ve been working on a secret project launching in 2019 that is a natural progression from Roser The Label. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. 

You have quite prolific social media presence  almost 1M followers – how do you balance what you share on social media and what you don’t?

I don’t spend too much time planning that. I keep it very natural. Some days I feel like sharing more and other days I feel more private. I don’t share a great deal of time Harley and I spend together as I love to concentrate on quality time with him. When my phone is on and I’m thinking about Instagram I lose connection with the people I’m around. So I guess majority of what I share is work and events, or when I’m traveling solo! I share a lot when I’m by myself. 

Also how do you know when you need to take some time off the gram?

It’s my mood!! I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve wanted to delete it haha. Usually I just take 3-4 days off (that’s the limit because otherwise people start messaging asking if I’ve died haha!!). I just play it by ear. See how I’m feeling. I don’t place pressure on myself to post everyday. I’m just lucky that my job naturally creates content so I regularly have new things to share! 

Will you stay in LA? And do you think you will take a break from modelling?

LA is the plan for the next three years or so. It’s hard to plan your life out and I don’t like doing that too much. So for now I’m focusing on my career and my partner, with the future just waiting for me. 

If not modelling where do you see yourself career-wise?

 I have a degree in visual communication and design. Which is pretty much a fancy way of saying I was a design student. I worked as a photographer from when I was 18 up until my modeling really took off and didn’t allow me to give it the time and energy it needed. So I’d say I’d still be working on photo shoots, just on the other side of the camera!

Obviously staying in shape is part of the job – tell me about your diet and exercise routine - What does a day on a plate look like?

My morning breakfast is one thing that remains consistent in my life! I start my day with a banana and blueberry protein smoothie on almond milk. 


1 banana

1 cup frozen blueberries 

1 Scoop on the super elixir Chocolate pea protein powder

1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup 

1 tablespoon chia seeds 

1 cup almond milk (or add more if you don’t like your smoothies that thick.) 

My lunch and dinner change depending on my activity for the day and what I feel like! I usually have my carbs for lunch, and less carbs for dinner. I was vego for 18months and have just started to reintroduce a bit of meat to my diet. So I usually have chicken and salad for dinner with a vego breaky and vego lunch! 

What does your workout routine look like?

 I don’t have a set routine. I can’t stick to it. I move my body when I can, however I can. I see how I’m feeling and swap between weights and cardio depending on my body. I love Pilates as well so I try and pop that in there when I can commit to a class. Any movement is a step in the right direction. 

When do you feel most beautiful?

 When Harley looks at me... (I know, But it’s true hahaha)

What are your three must-have travel essentials?

 My silk eye mask, my beats headphones and my neck pillow! 

What are you top 3 beauty products?

Plain sobelene cream. (I use this to take my makeup off everyday instead of harsh face wash chemicals) 

Caudalie beauty elixir 

Benefit Hoola bronzer

You are a self-confessed foodie, tell us your fave places to dine in LA, Melbourne & Sydney

LA - Pacē 

Melbourne - Sash Japanese 

Sydney - Apollo


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