Want Blake Lively's Big Bouncy Curls At Home? We Show You How

by Rosie McKay

Do let bad hair ruin your look! Hair stylist Paloma Rose Garcia shares her tips for creating bouncy curls with a straightener at home...

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We've all been there, the day of a special occasion or that long awaited date night and you really want to do something different with you hair - perhaps a big bouncy curl. But there's no time to get the hair salon, so you'll probably to the same old or opt for a quick pony or top-knot as an afterthought. 

Thankfully, the Good Hair Gods have listened and sent celebrity hairstylist and Philips HairCare Ambassador, Paloma Rose Garcia our way. We asked her to share her tips on how to create red-carpet worthy curls with a straightener at home, common mistakes to avoid, PLUS a step-by-step guide to recreating Blake Lively's bouncy curls. Superstar hair literally at your fingertips - you're welcome!

How do you recreate celeb-inspired curls at home with a straightener?

Gorgeous celeb-style curls don’t need to be complicated—anyone from your typical university student to bustling mum can recreate the look. However, I suggest that you try and set aside a good 20 minutes to do your hair well. When you are on the go and rushed, the results never last.

There are so many techniques out there, so find the one that works best for you. I have seen people put braids in their hair then run a flat iron over them and it works wonders, adding a tonne of volume and body.
For me, I love using the straightening iron because it gives me plenty of options and space for creativity.

What are some of your top tops for creating curls with a straightener?

• One of my top tips is to ensure that each section of hair that is being curled is no thicker than 1.5 inches to prevent heat from unevenly distributing when you style

• Also, always use a thermal protector for any source of heat styling (not just straightener), use a blowdry balm if you have problems with flyaways and frizziness, and add in a volumising product to your routine to ensure the curls stick.

What Are Your Simple Steps To Achieve Blake Lively's Bouncy Curls At Home?

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1. Apply a thermal protector through freshly washed hair and add a volumising product through the root area

2. Using a good hairdryer, blow dry hair with a medium round brush until it shines

3. Part your hair to the desired side

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4. Take no more than a 1.5-inch section of hair from around your face and using a good straightener, clamp the section in at the root vertically to 360 degrees

5. Start to spin and pull the straightener out to the ends, to create a glamorous wave

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6. To ensure your style lasts, give the wave a quick fix of hairspray, making sure you do not spray too close

7. Repeat around the head, grabbing random 1.5 inch sections of hair

8. Brush the look out from roots to ends. Shake look out with your fingers to add messy texture and give it a final fix of hair spray to ensure it stays the way you like it, all day

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What are some common mistakes people make when curling their hair and how can they avoid them?
  • Firstly, it is important to determine the type and texture of hair you are working with: fine or thick; naturally curly, straight, wavy, or tight and coily? I recommend studying multiple sections of your hair when it is air dried. This is important because different techniques have varying levels of success based on the type and texture of hair. 
  • If your hair is naturally very curly, do a smooth blow dry for a looser curl and apply a smoothing balm to instantly eliminate frizz and flyaways. 
  • If you have finer and straighter hair, you can opt for tighter curls by using a smaller curling wand and grabbing smaller sections of hair.
  • Another big one is that people do not completely dry their hair before curling. If you hear that sizzle you’re not doing it right. Curling damp hair just doesn’t work properly, it just fries it. 
  • As mentioned above, do not take sections too thick, and never use an old curler! It can have adverse effects on your hair, promoting dryness, colour loss, reducing shine and split ends. 
  • The final thing, and it’s probably the most common thing I see, is saving the hairspray for the very end. For curls to hold better without falling flat within the hour, lightly hairspray before curling. This is especially important if your hair is resistant to curls.

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