The Best $39.95 You Will Ever Spend On A Beauty Product

by Rosie McKay

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It does the job of 5 products and gives you the glow of a well-rested goddess - all you need to know about my new beauty must-have...

Having worked in magazines and across fashion, beauty and lifestyle for over a decade it is safe to say I have tried more than my fair share of beauty products - from ridiculously expensive and luxe brands like SK-11 and La Mer to cheap and cheerful cult buys that become must-haves for beauty aficionados. 

So when I first heard about Cinch Face Cheat, a pretty little bottle of goodness that promised to take care of moisturising, anti-ageing, illuminating, pore minimising and priming -  and all in one spray - I knew I had to get my hands on some. 

From the first day I pumped 4-5 sprays in the palm of my hand and patted it onto my skin, I was hooked! As a busy mum, most days I'm trying to get ready with a 2.5 year old at my feet. To have a multi-purpose beauty product on my shelf that does the job of five products, gives me the confidence to leave the house make-up free or a gorgeous base for applying my favourite makeup look on the days filled with appointments is a dream come true. I told my sister about Cinch Face Cheat, she tried it and also became hooked!

So who exactly created this dream beauty product? Busy mum and beauty professional, Renee Moore, who understands the challenges of wanting to maintain a semblance of your old self while still juggling motherhood. In this exclusive chat with Renee, she explains why Cinch Face Cheat is the real deal, the skin benefits from daily use, tips for the different ways it can be applied and just why celebrity makeup artists can't get enough of this beauty gold in a bottle.

How did you come up with the idea to create Cinch and how long did it take to bring the idea to life?

When I had my son Miller I told myself I can do this – I can shower everyday, I can still perform my epic 7 step morning skincare routine and I CAN wear a full face of makeup everyday.  At the start that’s what I did.  It was really important to me because it made me feel like myself.  Then when I started to meet other new mums they would always ask me “how do you find the time to put makeup on?”  Most of them told me that they didn’t even moisturise let alone use a serum or a primer! That shocked me.  But as time went by I realised each minute was pretty precious.  Did I want to spend 5 minutes doing my face or did I want to spend 5 minutes having a longer shower or have some ”time out” deep breathing in the corner of the room. 

So I went out and searched for a hard working multi purpose product that ticked all of my boxes and I couldn’t find anything.   I thought if companies could offer me 5 -10 different skin care solutions why can’t they bundle the favourites into 1 super moisturiser? And why can’t it be in a spray?

So when I couldn’t find one I decided that I needed to make it myself!

It took almost a year to develop.  The main hold up was making sure that we had all of our trademarks in place as well as perfecting the formulation.   I wasn’t in a rush.  It was just so important that I considered the product to be the best on the market.  I did not want to be tempted to ever use another moisturiser or serum.  Finally after what felt like thousands of samples, many tears and almost a few holes in the wall Face Cheat was done!

See Need Want Beauty Best 39 95 You Will Ever Spend Face Cheat Cinch Renee Moore Founder See Need Want Beauty Best 39 95 You Will Ever Spend Face Cheat Cinch Solo
Why do you believe it really lives up to being a 5-in-1 product that actually works?

Because in the initial planning stages I was very clear with the manufacturer that I wanted Face Cheat to perform all of it’s duties at 100%. There were many sprays on the market that gave you a bit of everything but were designed to be layered with other products.  

Cinch Face Cheat does 5 things whole-heartedly. It takes the place of your cream moisturiser, Illuminator, ant-ageing serum, pore minimiser cream and primer. We often get mistaken for a hydrating spray or a setting spray and although you can use Face Cheat for those things we need to be thinking of Face Cheat as a Moisturiser (that gives you as much hydration as many cream moisturisers on the market), in a spray bottle with 5 amazing benefits. 

Are there any nifty tricks we can try using Cinch IE mix into makeup or refresh skin with a sprite during the day etc.?

Absolutely!  Many makeup artists are raving about Face Cheat. Their routines seem to be – spray before makeup, then a couple of sprays into the foundation before applying to the face then finally finish with a quick spritz to set or finish the makeup. 

For me my favourite way to apply Face Cheat is spraying 4 pumps into the palm of my hand (very closely) to create almost like a milk. Then I apply it with my fingertips directly on my face. This gives you a more concentrated dose of moisture (better for dehydrated skin) and a major glow! I always carry Face Cheat with me and refresh in the afternoon to bring my makeup back to life.

What are some of the benefits from using Cinch every day?

Using Face Cheat every day will give you the same benefits as if you were using a Moisturiser, Anti-ageing Serum, Illuminator, Pore Minimiser and Primer all separately.

Face Cheat delivers 72 hrs. of weightless moisture – you can hardly feel it on the skin but don’t be fooled it will keep even dehydrated skin hydrated. It also contains Kakadu Plum, which is the worlds highest source of vitamin C for incredible ant ageing results and an amazing glow. Our amazing before and after photos  blow my mind.

See Need Want Beauty Best 39 95 You Will Ever Spend Face Cheat Cinch Before After
What are some of the products you can do away with if you have Cinch in your bathroom?

I have now ditched my cream moisturiser, my ant ageing serums, my pore minimising cream.  I also rarely use an additional illuminator (only when I am going out) and I haven’t used a primer for 8 months and my makeup has never looked better!    

The great thing about Face Cheat is if you are totally addicted to certain serums or want to layer other products with it that is also fine!  (Even though you really don’t need to).  It’s so light your skin won’t suffer. 

It seems to be good for sensitive skin too - did you always set out to make this a product many skin types could use?

I wanted Face Cheat to suit as many skin types as possible. We minimised the risk by adding no common nasties or irritants and it has no synthetic fragrances.

Kakadu Plum is very active so you may feel a little tingle when you apply it especially if your skin is going through hormonal changes or if you a little dryer in certain areas.

We always recommend you do a patch test before using any new skincare.

Do you have plans to expand the line? 

We are working on a couple of things, which are all innovative multipurpose products however we are in no rush.  It’s important that we are known for our key product, which will always be Face Cheat.  Our aim is for it to become a skincare staple in women’s routine!

What's been the most challenging and then also the most rewarding part of this whole journey?

By far the biggest challenge throughout this whole process was trying to get people to believe in my idea.  Because it is quite a unique product people were unsure if it would work.  Someone even emailed me an article that was titled “There is a reason that it’s not already been done”.  It was basically saying don’t re invent the wheel, you wont succeed!  It was the most backwards article I’d ever seen.  It made me even more determined to succeed.

I met with my manufacturer (with my 1 year old on my knee) and said I needed a moisturiser, but it needed to be in a spray and it should be glowy and make me look heaps younger and it should be like “sleep in a bottle.”  I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy.

Making a multipurpose product was the easy part.  But making it into a spray with a cosmetic illuminator in it was exceptionally challenging.

There have been many rewarding moments.  I’ve now had multiple people write in and tell me that Face Cheat has given them the confidence to “go makeup free” or that their “husband actually commented on how glowy” they looked or even how they “feel like their makeup has been professionally applied everyday because of the smooth finish” that Face Cheat gives them.  That’s the best endorsement ever!  We have also had great feedback from industry professionals such as – “greatest beauty discovery in a long time”, “Legit my holy grail right now,” “it’s a game changer” 

Do you have any celeb devotees yet? Who are they? Also who is the one celeb you'd love to see using Cinch?

Not yet! But we have had many celebrity makeup artists that have started using it and the feedback has been amazing!  One International makeup artist that works with the highest profile celebs – think music royalty and the best models walking the runway has just started using it overseas so that’s really exciting. 

We love Margot Robbie – cause she is a total cinch girl.  She’s fun, she has a great sense of humour, doesn’t take her self too seriously and she is Aussie!!

Of course it would be amazing to have a celebrity devotee but what gets me more excited is the everyday people that are raving about Face Cheat on a daily basis. 

How do you juggle motherhood with the business? What are your tips to other mothers in the same boat?

Plenty of planning!  If I spent less time planning and more time doing maybe I would get more done! Ha ha.

I get most of my work done in the hours before my son even wakes up.  As for phone calls, emails etc. I usually catch up on those when he has an afternoon nap.  He goes to day care for one full day a week and that’s where I schedule meetings.  It’s amazing how much work you can power through when you have to!  I also have incredibly supportive family who always help out.  I love that I can work but then get to spend so much time with my son.  It’s a very fortunate situation. 

I also have an amazing team that I work with that make things a whole lot easier too!

Remember when you are knee deep in sultanas, dirty clothes and water bottles that nothing comes easy. Work hard and you will be rewarded. Listen to your gut and don’t doubt yourself. 

Finally, the best tip ever is – make sure you surround yourself with other positive women. Help each other and build each other up.  Support them in whatever it is that they are doing.  It makes a huge difference. 


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