Could This Be The Secret To Clear Skin?

by Rosie McKay

You've probably heard the saying "you are what you eat", and this definitely rings true when it comes to skin health too. While using the right skincare and cosmetics play some part in keeping your skin looking good on the surface, the food you put into your body and how it how your body digests it plays a much bigger role in determining your skin health.

We chat to naturopath Shelley Atkin about the common causes of breakouts, the importance of good digestion and the benefits of a holistic skincare routine.

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How does digestion affect skin?

Our digestion is responsible for breaking down and absorbing the food we eat and what’s then absorbed into our bloodstream can greatly affect our skin – it’s clarity, texture, appearance, structure and allergy/inflammatory responses. We really are what we eat.

What are some of the common issues that start on the inside that cause break outs?

A sluggish digestion, poor diet, food intolerance and hormonal imbalances can all lead to break out.  Often it is more than one cause and genetics can play a role.

Why is it important to take a holistic approach to skincare?

What we put on our skin can only go so deep to creating changes we want in our skin.  By working from the inside where the skin gains valuable nutrients to stay healthy, we can work synergistically for clear skin.

What are some of the main benefits and visible signs of a holistic skincare approach?

When you work on the skin from within, the benefits may take a little longer to have an effect, but they then tend to be longer lasting.  Improving the skin’s structure and nutrition will have visible signs including a softer and clearer texture or appearance, less fine lines, less dry or oily skin. It’s all about finding the balance between nutrition on the inside and nourishment from the outside.

How does Qsilica work for stop breakouts from the inside out?

Qsilica CLEAR Skin Support tablets contain a combination of nutrients: Vitamins, minerals and herbal actives to assist inflammation, skin repair and healing, hormone modulation and blood purification (liver support) that can minimise breakouts from the inside.

When do topical treatments actually work?

When spots develop, keeping the skin clean of bacteria is the most important aspect to address. Ingredients such as Willowbark and Salicylic acid act as exfoliants and clear pores of debris. whilst Bilberry and Tea tree extracts help soothe acne prone skin, provide antioxidant support and kill acne causing bacteria. 

The redness and irritation of spots can be soothed by calming Aloe Vera and Cucumber. Qsilica Naturally CLEAR cleanser and spot gel ensure you keep skin clean, with balancing ingredients that remove excess oil and sebum, with the antibacterial properties needed

See Need Want Beauty Holistic Skincare Clear Skin Qsilica See Need Want Beauty Holistic Skincare Clear Skin Qsilica Skin Support Formula
Credit: The Qsilica Beauty Sleep range is available on counters now, nationally in leading pharmacies including Priceline Pharmacies, health food stores and at
What are some good foods to include into your diet that also feed the skin?

The foods that support a healthy digestion will also feed the skin.  Those rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that support the liver for cleansing and purifying the skin.  Broccoli and greens are essential, along with omega 3 rich fish, vitamin E rich nuts, vitamin C rich lemon and good sources of protein.

Similarly what foods / things should someone experiencing frequent breakouts steer clear of?

The two culprits that seem to consistently be on the hit list are dairy and sugar, along with refined and processed carbohydrates. 


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