Is Your Deodorant Harming You?

by Melissa Lowe

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We are exposed to so many chemicals in every day life that the importance of minimising such exposure should be top of mind, especially for our young ones.

Harmoni’s Kiss was founded in 2006 by Aussie mum, Melissa Lowe with three things in mind, her growing daughters. She saw a gap in the market for natural beauty, but in particular a gaping hole for natural products for young girls as opposed to mature women. So she created her own. 

The brands bestselling organic, aluminium-free roll on deodorant was an Australian first and saw the brand rise to dizzying heights for a natural beauty brand finding a place on the shelves at David Jones and in leading supermarkets.

Earlier this year Harmoni’s Kiss underwent a complete revamp on the outside (the products are still the original favourites) and they’re now selling exclusively online and through leading natural health retailers such as Nourished Life and Biome. 

Below Melissa shares her top 5 reasons for switching to natural deodorant and natural skin care, and the reasons why she developed Harmoni’s Kiss products...


Parabens and chemicals in many products are easily absorbed into the blood stream and fat cells when applied directly to the skin and when come into contact with our hormone receptors that live in the tissue under our arms, can actually have a negative impact on developing reproductive systems.


Many commercial “deodorants” are actually anti-perspirants. There is a massive difference between these two products. Anti-perspirants stop us from perspiring in the first place and our bodies need to perspire. It’s one of our natural ways of getting rid of any built up toxins. Anti-perspirants block the ducts of our armpits and stop the sweat so the toxins stay put, building up and building up. Deodorants allow us to sweat but combat the odour which is created when sweat hits the skin and mixes with natural bacteria.


Natural Deodorants contain ingredients such as witch-hazel and bi carb that kindly act as anti-microbials, effectively neutralizing that smell making bacteria and even reducing the bacteria so you can sweat but not have to smell.


There are many amazing natural deodorants out there, some though include aluminium as an ingredient. Aluminium is a massive no-no in my books, we’re not built to handle it and it has been researched that aluminium can actually promote the development of tumor and cancerous cells. Now think about that underarm tissue that meets with breast tissue. That’s way too close for comfort.


The Harmoni’s Kiss range is all about kind ingredients standing still (K.I.S.S.). It’s our mantra. Our focus is on the power of mother nature and how plant derived ingredients in their purest forms can support our needs as we go through puberty and beyond without hindering development. We come from nature, it makes sense that nature should be our best support.

Both my grand-mother and mother have passed from Breast cancer and whilst science still won’t point finitely at aluminium as the cause, it’s definitely a contributor. Harmoni’s Kiss was developed for my three girls and women young and old around the world so they could avoid having to experience those circumstances.

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Credit: Harmoni's Kiss Instagram.

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