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Want To Lose Weight? You Need To Know These 4 Crucial Things

by Monica Kade

Overwhelmed with the overload of weight loss info? Follow these four steps to clear up confusion and change your health for good...

There is so much information coming at us in regards to weight loss and it’s so easy to get confused, overwhelmed and just want to throw yourself into the laundry basket and shut the lid. But before you throw in the towel, try following these four steps to make a change to your health and find the very best version of you.

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1. Educate Yourself

Have you done your research? Don’t have the time you say? Well then, maybe you ought to just close this window because the rest of this article won’t be worth reading.

Hard truth: We’re all pressed for time. You are not the ONLY person on this planet with kids, a career, health issues, dogs, cats, in-laws, laundry and so on.

If you want to make a change to your body, you MUST educate yourself. You must know what is right for you and YOUR body. Not Cindy Crawford’s; yours. Are you aware of the way you feel when you eat certain foods? Do you know what sugar, gluten, grains and processed meals can do to your body? And we’re just skimming the surface here.

Without proper education, you could be doing everything “right” and still not seeing results. Where are you getting your information from? Rather than aimlessly Googling, check out these books by practitioners who live what they teach.  Primal Mind, Primal Body, by Nora Gedgaudas, Grain Brain, by Dr Perlmutter, Wheat Belly, by William Davis or anything by Maria Emmerich.

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2. Ask Yourself "Are You Ready?"

Are you ready for change? I know you say you want it, but are you ACTUALLY ready to do whatever it takes to live a life of optimum health?

Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself, Am I ready to change?If the answer is no, a hesitant yes, a “yeah, sorta”, I’d say you’re not. And that’s okay.    

But if you’re not all in, you’re not going to stick to whatever health, nutrition and exercise changes you opt in for. You gotta be all in.

3. Get Clear On How You Want To Feel

It ain't about how you look. Did you just gasp? Want to throw a rock at the screen and tell me it is. Well yes, how you want your body to look is part of the puzzle. The biggest piece lies in how you FEEL.

How do you want to FEEL? Have you asked yourself that before? You need to create a connection to your desired change. Saying I want to lose 5 kilos doesn’t sound very exciting to me. There’s no emotional connection to it.

Rather, look at how you want to feel each day. I want to feel vibrant, full of energy and wake up rested. Maybe you want to run around with your kids?

Write that down. Get VERY clear on how you want to feel.

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4. Take It Moment By Moment

It’s so easy to want to make a change and make it right now. So many people want to have the body they desire today and not in a few months. Here’s the thing, if you’re going to sprint this race, it’s not going to be sustainable change and 'sustainable' is the keyword in any type of change.

If the people you’re hanging out with, what you’re eating, or doing for physical exercise are not adding to your new lifestyle choices, then you’ll fall off the wagon. Anything worthwhile comes moment, by moment and if you do take it slow, you’ll make changes that are lifelong and not ones you have to return to next year because you quit 3 weeks from now.

Monica Kade is the founder of The Moment HQ, a platform supporting people to be their best in each moment through conscious lifestyle choices.  You can contact Monica her with any questions via her website


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