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Base Body Babes: Stop Focusing On Fat-Loss And Set Strength Goals

by Rosie McKay

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Don't wait for 2018 to get in shape. Base Body Babes Felicia Oreb & Diana Johnson share tips for nailing your body and lifestyle goals now..

If their 652k Instagram following is anything to go by, sisters and entrepreneurs Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson, the brains and bodies behind Base Body Babes know a thing or two about building a successful business. With their own training studio and online program too, life is busy, but they don't let that get in the way of achieving their workout or life goals while helping others to do the same.

With such a demanding lifestyle, it goes without saying that efficiency in all areas is key to buying time. They're also big believers that "success breeds success" and apply this theory to their training technique too. They girls say if you want to get results that will keep you motivated ditch the scales, stop focusing on fat-loss and set strength goals instead. “Our favourite way of doing this is by setting strength goals, rather than focusing on fat loss goals which aren't very quickly visible. We motivate people by getting them strong and as a result their bodies start to transform aesthetically too- to put it simply it is far easier to add a kilogram or more of weight per week on the barbell and successfully lift it than it is to lose a kilogram of body fat on the scales per week.”

Here Felicia and Diana share their tips for how to nail the formula for success, as well as how to streamline your daily routine in a way that allows you to build a successful career whilst having fun in the process.              

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1. Set Achievable Goals

Identify your goals and take small steps to achieve them. We know life can be busy, but we believe that any barriers to improving your health and well-being can be overcome by taking small manageable steps every day. Find exercise methods that you enjoy to make the process easier and more fun, so you can keep moving forward and achieve your goals.

2. Get organised

Plan your week in advance. Schedule and organise your training as you would a regular work meeting. No matter how you feel, if you're low on energy or having a bad day, JUST TURN UP, you will feel so much better once you have a completed a great workout

3. Streamline Your Beauty Routine

When you look and feel great in your skin, confidence shines through and it’s this positive mindset that kick starts your day. Simplify your beauty regime and arm yourself with the right beauty tools so you can claim back valuable minutes of your day. 

As we head into summer, Braun’s fastest and most precise epilator to date, the Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is the perfect at home beauty solution offering five treatments in one. MicroGrip tweezer technology removes hair as small as a grain of sand that wax cannot catch, so there’s no more in between days and life is never on hold. Whilst the deep massage pad improves blood circulation and using the deep exfoliation brush is 6x more effective than manual exfoliation. 

Investing in smart products and finding small efficiencies in your daily routine make a world of difference and that starts with being beauty ready!

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4. Be Inspired

Personally our biggest driving force is our health. Without it we don’t have much at all. We can’t be the best version of ourselves without good health, so we are always thinking about what we can do to be healthier, fitter and stronger. We encourage everyone to prioritise their health and use that as their motivation.

5. Create Positive Energy

Creating positive energy when you exercise always helps to keep you inspired - listen to uplifting music, get an encouraging and supportive training partner or workout outdoors; the sun, the air, the water are amazing energy boosters and will always make you feel better about working out

6. Balance is Key

Find balance between living your healthiest and happiest life and the more stressful aspects of your life, like work and other commitments and focus on maintaining that balance all year round. Life can get stressful at times and it is easy to neglect your health and put yourself second, but do everything you can to put yourself first always.

7. Do It Now!

 Don’t wait [until the new year] to get in shape and be fitter and healthier. Focus on having a strong, fit and healthy body all year round so you can stay in play every day and live your best life. Aim to workout a minimum of three days per week, eat a well-balanced diet of healthy and nutritious foods, keep hydrated with water, sleep well, care for your hair, your skin, your mind and be consistent with it so you can be confident in your skin every day.

8. Success Breeds Success

As coaches we have tried so many things to keep ourselves and our clients motivated. After years of experience, we have found one method that always works and that is to ensure positive training moral. By acknowledging and praising great performance, we build self-confidence and this applies to all areas of our lives from training to work. The more confidence we have in our ability to achieve, the more we want to continue to succeed. Encourage a positive mindset and you will keep moving forward and stay on track to achieving your goals. 

The Base Body Babes are Braun Power Players


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